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Why Choose Generic Mate Company For Online Pharmacy?

Hello guest and welcome to your own go-to pharmacy that aims at delivering the medicines you need to your doorstep. Generic Mate has always tried to serve its clients to the fullest with over-the-counter and generic medications that are FDA approved. 


The quality provided here at Generic Mate is unbeatable and every product we sell is tested thoroughly and approved by renowned agencies around the world. Moreover, in times like Covid when the human touch is also avoided, we are determined to serve our clients by delivering the medicines at your doorsteps with zero hassle and next to no human contact keeping you and your precious ones safe.

At Generic Mate, we value our customers the most and promise them complete satisfaction with our delivery services and quality of medicine. 


We have a network of amazing delivery partners that ensure that the delivery of medicine is quick avoiding any kind of damage sidewise. We firmly believe in providing services no other can even beat in collaboration with a highly experienced clinical team and network of independent pharmacists.

100% Genuine Products

When people make a decision of buying medicine online then the very first thing that they are concerned about is whether the medicine is genuine or not. Due to this people also start various options and get overwhelmed about buying medicine online. But with Generic Mate you can buy the medicine without any stress. The reason behind this is that with Generic Mate you are assured that the medicines are 100% genuine.



All the medicines that are available here are either from a renowned production house or from generic products that are approved by FDA. Moreover, our brand Generic Mate is also licensed to sell medication in a number of developed countries. 


The team working with us is kept under supervision to ensure that no mistakes are done while handling and dispatching orders and that only genuine medicines reach your doorstep. You are provided with the option of plenty of manufacturers so that you can choose the one you rely upon.

100% Hassle-free Home Delivery

The best part about buying the medicine online from Generic Mate is that the medicine can be easily home delivered.  When the world was under the situation of a pandemic then people were not allowed to move out of their homes and moreover, people are also not willing to go out of their houses in such a condition. At that time, it is very important that necessary supplies like medicines also get delivered to the doorstep of the person who requires them.



At such times, our website has helped hundreds of people get their everyday medicine supplies at their doorsteps. All you need to do is first of all consult the physician regarding the issue you are facing. 


Discuss with them the issues you are facing in detail. After that, they are going to write a prescription for you. Now all you need to do is upload that prescription on the website and after that order the medicine. From packaging to dispatching each and every detail about the medicine supply is provided to you through an online portal.



After the delivery of the product, an option of sharing the feeding of the product and the customer experience is also provided to every customer. With your review, we as a brand get really motivated to serve you better and improve.

Save More Money At Generic Mate

The biggest concern that a person has when they start any kind of treatment is the cost of medicines they need to take. Most issues like erectile dysfunction, stress, depression, PTSD, diabetes mellitus, cancer, etc., have a very long period of treatment. 


Such long-term medicines can affect the packets and dig really big holes inside that can affect your budget completely. But ordering the medicine from a generic mate can actually give some relief to you.



From time to time customers will find that our website launches new offers to save money. Every week or month new promo codes are launched and advertised on our website which can be applied to have some extra savings on the medicine. Moreover, new customers and those who are ordering in bulk are specially treated at Generic Mate. 


They are given various cashback and saving options so that they get motivated to keep up with track of their medication and don’t develop a thought of giving up on their medications.



Moreover, above normal discounts, there are different payment options that are provided to people buying from our website. The benefit of this is two folds-

  • The customer can easily pay according to the option they are convenient in no matter if it is a credit card or net banking.
  • Some cards offer lucrative cashback options when you use them to make a payment using their services, you can also save a few bucks using them.


Over the past few years, our brand has been devoted to the goal of serving as many people as possible and providing them quality and 100% satisfaction. 


We have been consistently ranked as one of the best online pharmacies Generic Mate in terms of-

  • Providing the best quality over the counter and generic medicines to people that are not easily available over the internet.
  • Giving the best discounts to our customers without compromising the quality of products we are selling.
  • Delivering the medicine with 100% accuracy without causing any sort of a hassle to the person ordering them.
  • Best in the class support system for customers no matter whether they are reaching out before buying the medicine or after it.
  • Clauses of privacy laid down and how strictly it has been followed.
  • All the transactions that a person is going to make on our website are secured by SSL. This saves us and our customers from any kind of digital fraud.

Every employee of Generic Mate is fully devoted to its customers and takes every possible step to serve them the best ensuring 100% satisfaction. You can find out below what some of our past clients have to say about us.

Easy Return And Refund

Although all the medicines that are delivered to the doorstep of the customer are precise quality insured and checked that no mistakes are made in the supply chain. Still, if any person finds that they are not satisfied with the medicine that is delivered to them, then they can raise an issue and complain at the customer’s portal. 


Their issue will be resolved and in case they want to return the medicine then also there is an option. 


Our company runs on the policy of no questions asked from the customer about why they want to return the medicine because our Motto is if our customers are happy then only, we can be happy. 


They can easily start the procedure of returning the medicine and after the medicine is returned successfully you can choose whether to order any other medicine from the balance or get them as a refund. Your refund will be initiated as soon as possible and will reflect in your bank account within a week of time.

Customer Service At Generic Mate

The customer support of Generic Mate is designed in such a way that no one is left unattended by our team. No matter in which part of the world you are ordering the medicines from, you can easily approach our customer support as it is available 24*7 for our precious customers.

No matter if you have any questions about the medicine, how to use it, or want to enquire about your shipment, our team will be very happy to answer your queries.


Whenever you are going to call our customer support then you will find that all the calls are recorded for quality and security purposes to maintain the sanctity of both parties. It ensures that neither the customers nor our support team misbehaves with anyone and checks whether all the queries are cleared properly or not.


Moreover, if you are our regular customer and have subscribed to our newsletters then our customer support team also sends you regular promotional and educational material that will keep you updated with all the latest deals, offers, and any changes in the industry that might affect you your treatment.

Free Delivery Order Over $199

One very unique benefit of our website is that if you order medicine in the bulk amount and the billing is over 199 dollars, then no shipping will be charged from the customers. 


This option is best suited for those people who have to consume the medicine for a longer period of time and want to save a few bucks on the transactions they make.

Buying Generic Medicines At Generic Mate

From the name of our brand, it must be clear to you that we deal in a variety of generic brands also along with premium renowned brands. We here are serving both the category of medicine so that no person ever leaves unsatisfied. Here most people are generally confused about the difference between a branded and a generic brand. The differences have been listed below: –

  • The premium brands are those who have actually devised the medicine with the help of an active material that can cure a particular disease. On the other hand, a generic brand is the one that produces the drug with the same active material but with some difference in shape, size, color, and non-active ingredients.
  • The pricing of the drug sold by premium brands is generally on the higher end. On the contrary, pricing done by generic brands are on the lower end. The main aim of these drug-producing companies is to tap the audience who are unable to take drugs due to their higher prices,
  • Not every branded medicine has a generic version.
  • Both the generic and premium brands are approved by FDA and have authority to manufacture and sell drugs.


The list of drugs that you can buy through Generic Mate has been listed below: –

  • The very first drugs you are going to find on the website are related to erectile dysfunction. This is a condition in which the male is unable to achieve a potential erection and maintain it for a longer period of time. The active salts that are available for its treatment are Sildenafil Citrate, Vardenafil, Tadalafil, and Avanafil. The aim of all these salts is the same but there is a difference in the time period for which they are active in the body.
  • You can also buy the medicine for HIV AIDS, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Asthama, Sexual Wellness, Premature Ejaculation, Anti Cancer, etc viral and sexually transmitted issues from Generic Mate.
  • If a person is suffering from infertility no matter male or female, they can also get their medicines from our website.
  • Medicine that treats issues like cancer and diabetes is also available.
  • Asthma pumps and other medications can also be brought from Generic Mate.
  • Medicine that treats Alzheimer’s disease is also easily available.
  • Those who are suffering from the issue of low or high blood pressure problems can also approach our website to buy their medicines.
  • Medicines for Herpes and Migraine attacks are also available on our website.

Assuring Our Customer’s Privacy

The biggest concern that a person has nowadays is giving their information on the internet.

People are concerned because they fear that their information might get leaked online. But with Generic Mate, you don’t need to worry about these things.

We have a very strict customs policy that assures the customer that each and every detail from their name, contact, address, and payment details are totally safe with our website.

There are some issues like erectile dysfunction and other male and female sexual-related issues that people get easily embarrassed by and don’t want people to know about it.

Such people should also leave behind all the stress and just order medicine from us and their details are completely safe.

In case a person finds that their information is passed on by our website then our customer is completely liable to take any kind of legal action they want to.

Important Disclaimer

There are a few important points that every buyer should keep in mind before taking any step on the website and taking any buying decision: –

  • The information that is provided on the website is for the purpose of education only. Before you start your treatment consult your physician first.
  • The dosage of the medicine provided on the website is as prescribed by the manufacturers which are applied to a generalized audience. To ensure that the medication dosage is going to suit you, consult your physician and provide them with every single detail about the issue in advance.
  • It is advised to everyone that they should never start their treatment on the basis of the information that they are reading on the website. Before starting the treatment every single aspect is how many doses to consume, the warnings and side effects that are related to the medicine, and what precautions are required to be taken must be discussed with the physician.
  • Any medicine that is available on the website is purely prescription-based. Its main motive is that you discuss your issue in detail with a physician and then they will prescribe you the medicine. After that, you can upload that prescription and buy the medicine easily from the Generic Mate Online Trusted Pharmacy.
  • All the laws that are laid down for providing quality healthcare services to customers buying medicines online are being followed very precisely by our pharmacy.
  • We relinquish any warranty claim that is offered by merchants or other entities for using the medicine.

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