What foods help you get hard

What food help you get hard

According to experts, almost one-third of men experience erectile dysfunction which is continually making it a common problem in men. 

However, plenty of medications are available on the market that can improve erections; however, there are some foods also that help men attain & sustain powerful erections. 

Food will help you in improving overall erections because the processes always involved in the swelling of the penis are physical & psychological. 

If a man is getting an erection, then his mind & body will surely go through from following important steps-

  •         He will surely experience sensory & mental stimulation that always causes the brain to send messages to nerves in & around the penis.
  •         If you want to get hard, then you should consume high-end quality foods.
  •         Nitric oxide always plays one of the most important roles here, and it also regulates the overall circulation of blood and will make the muscles smooth.

Erectile Dysfunction

The majority of the folks are suffering from erectile dysfunction, and they will not be able to get & keep an erection for a lot of time for sex.

In case erectile dysfunction is an ongoing problem, then it can cause stress and affect confidence & always affect problems in the relationship.

It is the worst problem that requires genuine treatment & creates a specific risk factor for heart disease.

In case you are already concerned regarding erectile dysfunction, then you should talk with your beloved doctor. It is a little bit tough thing that needs direct treatment or medications.

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A lot of men are frustrated because they are already having trouble getting an erection, and it always reduces overall sexual desire.

If you have an erectile-related problem, then a family doctor would be the right place to initiate whenever you are having problems related to erectile.

You should discuss this with the doctor in case heart disease, or any other type of health condition is linked to erectile dysfunction.

Male sexual arousal is a complicated issue that always being involved hormones, emotions, the brain, blood vessels, and muscles.

Mental health & stress can easily cause erectile dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction is also considered as impotence that occurs when you will not be able to get & keep the erection of the penis, which is sufficient for the satisfaction of sexual for both partners.

According to professionals, almost all male adults have Erectile dysfunction once in a while. 

Therefore, you should increase the intake of foods that contain a precursor of nitric oxide and arginine so it will create a positive impact on the circulation of blood and it will help you stay erect.

Try to consider a genuine doctor that will offer the best quality treatment so it will eliminate the chances of erectile dysfunction-related problems.

Factors that can add up to ED

According to professionals, the brain is always overlooked in the erogenous zone.

The excitement of sex always initiates in the head & will surely work its way down.

Depression will dampen overall desire & will lead to erectile dysfunction.

The majority of the drugs are used to treat depression-related problems, which also suppress overall sex drive & will make it a little bit complicated to get an erection & they can also cause a little bit of delay in orgasm also.

Having few alcoholic drinks can be beneficial because it can reduce overall chances of heart disease, but if you are a heavy alcohol drinker, then it will surely interfere with erection-related problems bear in mind that effects are always temporary.

If possible, then one should avoid the consumption of street drugs like marijuana, and cocaine because these are some medicines that can easily cause lots of sexual-related problems in men too.

Few medications are completely dangerous, and contents in the medicine cabinet can easily affect overall performance in the bedroom.

A variety of drugs are out there that can easily cause the ED, including antidepressants, pain medications, and blood pressure drugs.

However, you will not have to stop taking any kind of medicine without talking to the doctor first.

Before taking any medicine, you should discuss its side effects so you will get proper knowledge about it.

Some foods help you get hard.

some foods heal you get hard
  •         Coffee

Coffee is the best food that will assist in penis growth that has approximately five calories, and it is considered as lightest food that will eradicate chances of erectile dysfunction.

If you are taking two to three cups of coffee on a regular basis, then it will lower the overall rate of erectile dysfunction.

Caffeine is effective food for the penis because it can easily relax overall penis muscles and will eradicate the chances of erectile dysfunction.

  •         Spinach

Spinach & other leafy greens are also great that is creating a positive impact on the health of the penis.

Spinach is considered a highly nitric oxide food that is also considered a hard erection food that will allow the arteries to expand & fill up with the blood.

If you are taking spinach with onions and low-sodium chicken or black paper, then it can easily enhance the level of nitrate.

Try to add 94 calories into the diet plan that will eliminate the chances of erectile dysfunction.

Several leafy foods are also available for erection, such as arugula & kale which can also improve the overall health of the complete vascular system.

  •         Apples

Apples are magical in treating problems like erectile dysfunction; however, it always works properly due to the presence of anthocyanins & flavanones in them.

The peels of apples are packed with ursolic acid that is also eradicating the chances of prostate and other cancer.

It is also creating a positive impact on the health of the penis.

  •         Avocados

Avocados are great and packed with vitamin E which can improve the quality of sperm in men with infertility.

A single avocado will offer 21% of DV Vitamin E.

It also offers 9% of DV for zinc has become one of the most important minerals with the roles in the quality of sperm, production of testosterone & fertility.

Every person should create the right diet that can improve the overall health of the penis.

  •         Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has also become the most popular food for powerful erection because it is incorporated with flavanols that are also making it a little bit easier for the blood to flow via the body.

However, dark chocolate is always high in fat & sugar, and eating too much dark chocolate can increase weight. According to professionals, it isn’t a reliable choice among vital foods to help an erection.

  •         Almonds, Walnuts, and Other Nuts

Every person should improve the quality of diet and consume walnuts, almonds & other types of varieties of nuts that are rich in high-density lipoprotein which is considered high-end quality cholesterol.

Good cholesterol can easily absorb poor quality cholesterol and will carry it back to the liver.

If poor cholesterols get stuck in the blood vessels & arteries, then it can easily block the overall flow of blood to the organs, including the penis.

One should create the right diet plan and add walnuts, almonds & other nuts to it that will surely eliminate the overall chances of erectile dysfunction.

  •         Spicy, Hot Foods

As per researchers, men who are eating hot foods always have a higher level of testosterone.

To maintain the erection then you should consume spicy and hot foods.

If you want to improve the circulation of blood in the penis, then try to eat hot and spicy food regular basis that will surely benefit the circulatory system & several other organs, and you can easily leave a healthier lifestyle.

Hot peppers are packed with capsaicin that will help you in getting enough erection in a limited amount of time.


Lastly, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you should eat the above-mentioned foods that will improve the circulation of blood in the penis.

It is the only thing that will surely benefit organs and the circulatory system.

Try to get ED, Hormone, and PE therapy that will help you in getting the pennies hard.


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