Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs & Symptoms: How Can You Protect Yourself


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In the past year, everyone is probably talking about only one mishap in the world, which is a coronavirus.

This is a very deadly disease tattoo and fat a lot of people at once as it is transferred from one person to another person. Due to this disease, from the time of January 2020, the world has lost more than 10 million people. If we talk about this virus.

When the people in the cities start getting infected by the covid-19 virus, then initially people have thought that it is like the common flu or some infection in the lungs.

They have started the treatment of those people normally, but later on, they found that the infection has started reaching out to more and more people who are coming in contact with the infected person, and there is no treatment that is helping out in curing the covid-19 infection.

Now it is important for each and everyone to know no details about the covid-19 if they want to save their life from such a deadly disease.

That is why we have discussed some of the very crucial points regarding this virus in the details below.


That is why we have also mentioned all the symptoms in the categories in order to help you out.

Common Side Effects-

The most common side effects that are related to the covid-19 virus are-

  • When a person is suffering from the virus, then the temperature of the body starts rising, and they may notice continuous fever.
  • Coughing and getting cold is other side effect that is related to the covid-19 virus.
  • The taste and the smell buds of the person who is suffering from the covid-19 virus probably become dysfunctional.

Rare Side Effects

The side effects that are kept in the category of rare are-

  • You may notice that no matter if you work on the screen or not, your eyes show irritation symptoms.
    • Sometimes a person might also notice a headache.
    • A sore throat can be another issue that is related to the cover 19 symptoms.
    • You can also notice that your body parts start paining very frequently.
    • Paleness of the skin and eyes can also be noticed in a few cases.

Serious Side Effects

  • In very serious cases of covid-19, it is noticed that the person who is suffering faces issues in breathing. Due to that, such patients are kept on oxygen cylinder masks.
  • A person may also lose their powers of mobility and speech.
  • People start getting confused more often when they are suffering from covid-19.
  • It is noticed that some people have started suffering from back and neck pain while they are suffering from covid and after they have recovered from it.
  • Chest pain can also be a very serious side effect that is related to the covid-19, and it is suggested to report this issue as soon as possible



If we talk about the covid-19, then one fact is very clear from the very start that there is no such medicine design now that can help you get rid of the covid-19.

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Physicians are trying different medicines on the patients to see which medicine works the best in the situation of covid-19 but till now FDA has not approved any medication for the treatment of covid-19.

That is why it is very important for a person to take some precautions that can help in preventing covid-19.

  • The first and very important prevention is whenever you are stepping outside your house, then it is important that you should always wear a double-ply mask. This will help in saving you from any covid-19 virus molecules that are present in the environment to enter your body.
  • You must try to avoid going out as much as possible. If there is no important work or all the work can wait then, you must never step out of your house.
  • Always carry a sanitizer with you that has a decent amount of alcohol, and keep sanitizing your hands whenever you think that you have come in contact with anyone.
  • You should also take proper care of your diet and focus on strengthening your immune system as it is the only friend we have in this covid time.
  • By now, most the countries have invented vaccines that help people to stay safe from the covid-19 virus and decrease the chances of any extensive harm.


Self-care is the most important treatment that is suggested by physicians for those who are suffering from the covid-19 virus.

As a person come to know that they are suffering from coronavirus, then they should take the following steps-

  1. One should isolate themselves from their family e in a separate room, and no one should be allowed to enter that room for at least 14 to 21 days.
  2. The room in which a person is staying should be sanitized regularly in order to kill the traces of coronavirus from the environment nearby the patient.
  3. The person should always keep a triple-ply mask on, and after every 8 hours, that mask should be discarded.
  4. The hands of the person should be watched frequently with the alcohol sanitizer, and there’s to touch the least possible surfaces of the room.
  5. The temperature of the covid-19 patient should be checked regularly, and if any discrepancy is noticed, then there should be a physician as soon as possible.
  6. One should follow the respiratory exercises frequently while they are suffering from covid-19 in order to keep the lungs properly functional.

The above self-care is suggested to those who are suffering from covid but have either no symptoms at all or very few symptoms.

If the person shows aggressive symptoms, then they should be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible, and if their oxygen level drops, then they should be kept in regular monitoring on the oxygen cylinders.

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Temperature checking Guns


Earlier, we have noticed that if a person is willing to check the temperature, then the normal method is using the thermometer that is inserted in the mouth, and the temperature is checked.

But in the covid scenario, this temperature checking method is not good as it can spread the outbreak of covid-19; that is why it is suggested that everyone should get one temperature checking gun.

With this gun, a person can actually check the temperature of the suspect from a distance of 1-2 feet.

This is a very helpful digit that helps in maintaining the social distance and also checking the temperature of the suspect, which is said to be a very common symptom of covid-19.

Quick Testing Kit for Covid-19

When the covid outbreak started in the year 2020 then and the testing was very slow. It usually takes 1-2 days to deliver the report of the person who has been tested, and in the meanwhile, that person meets many people. That is why in the starting phase, it was very hard for the governments to control the covid-19 situation.

But later on, the rapid testing kits for covid-19 were invented, which has helped in getting the report of a person in less than an hour. This has saved many people from the outbreak and helped in getting the cases under control.


The statistics of the covid-19 say that over 200 million people all around the world have suffered from the issue of coronavirus, of which around 4.5 million people have also lost their lives.

If we see the current scenario of covid-19, then it is under control, but if people start acting carelessly again and stop taking the preventive measures, then it is possible that the world gets stricken by another wave of covid-19 as it is totally not over yet.

Also, people all around the world are getting vaccinated as soon as possible, which is also helping the government to control the covid-19 better than before.


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