Top 4 Erectile Dysfunction Tablets In 2022

top 4 erectile dysfunction pills

Erectile dysfunction. a disease with which more than half the population of males around the world has been suffering from that too secretly.

Erectile dysfunction actually an issue in which the penis of males immensely affected.

A person starts facing two issues during this i.e., premature ejaculation and softer erections.

In premature ejaculation, a person is unable to hold their erections for a longer period of time during sexual activity.

in softer erections, the erection a person gets is not hard enough.

Both of these issues give rise to dissatisfaction issues not only among males but also among females around the world. Now people think that all the issues they have been facing are normal.

But the situation is a bit different. Sexual health during erectile dysfunction deteriorates slowly over the time that people think it is normal with age.

Now when they discover that they are unhappy with their sexual life.

Then they come to know that all this time they have been suffering from erectile dysfunction.

After that, they start their search for why these issues are actually happening in their body.

Amid research, they find that it is their day-to-day habits like not doing much physical activity, having junk and trash food on a regular basis, jam-packed hectic working hours, stress, depression, etc are the reason behind this suffering.

Now people start looking for solutions and one permanent solution is that they start improving their habits slowly.

Which can take years to improve the issue and a person can not miss the feeling of having satisfactory sex for such a long period of time.

So, they start looking for a solution that can help them temporarily during the period they are thinking of shifting their lifestyle completely and they find PDE inhibitor class action medicine in this search.

There are other ways also but they require either sexual implants or using technology that needs expertise which makes consuming the medicine safe and reliable.

If you are looking for medicines that can help you with erectile dysfunction then you fall spot on. We will be discussing the 4 best erectile dysfunction tablets that are currently the best in the category. So, go through the blog below thoroughly.

Four most popular erectile dysfunction medications

Below we have mentioned the four best medicines that can help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction temporarily. The working of all four medicines is common.

We all know that erectile dysfunction happens due to our own activities but there is a whole mechanism behind it.

When a person follows bad day-to-day habits then it affects the heart and its function by increasing the blood pressure, heartbeat, etc.

In such situations, the body takes a few preventive actions and releases PDE. It attaches to the blood vessels and narrows their size in order to protect the walls and strength of the heart.

Now for a smaller period, this PDE is great and does not affect the sexual life but if stressed situations persist in the body for a longer period then the PDE attaches to vessels carrying blood to and from the penis.

Due to this people start facing ED issues.

That are not on a larger scale earlier but with time, it increases. Now when a person consumes the PDE  inhibitor class action of the medicine.

Then we will notice that the salt after dissolving attaches to PDE inside the body and provides greater width to the blood vessels.

This makes the medicine functional and blood starts reaching the penis in an efficient amount. This makes the issue of softer erections obsolete.

Now next comes the issue of premature ejaculation countering which the salt activates cGMP in the body. This is going to block the blood into the penis for a longer period due to which the ejaculation does not happen easily and at an early stage during the activity.

After satisfactory sex, the salt unblocks the PDE, gets inactivated and PDE keeps saving the heart from any kind of injury and stress.

Below mentioned the four best medicines that can be used for getting rid of erectile dysfunction temporarily.

Sildenafil Citrate

The medicine Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 100, Cenforce 150, Cenforce 200 is the very first salt that is invented in order to get rid of erectile dysfunction issues.

The medicine was invented in 1998 and the first medicine which contains Sildenafil citrate salt is Viagra or the blue tablet.

This was a premium product and not in the range of every common person due to which many other manufacturers have created a generic version of Sildenafil to make it affordable.

The salt that is present in one tablet might vary from 100 mg to 200 mg and is prescribed by the physician according to your need.

Once the medicine enters the medicine, the salt is going to become active in 40-50 minutes and will stay active in the body for 4-5 hours according to manufacturers.

When consuming the medicine remember to take it 40-50 minutes before you have decided to have sexual activity and an hour after you had your meal for the best working of the medicine.

The medicine should be taken every day by people who have been suffering from erectile dysfunction and are sexually active.

The medicine is going to help you out in having a great sexual life and will provide you with the fun you are missing out on.


Tadalafil is one of the best medicines that are present in the class of PDE class action medicine.

The reason why it is said so is that when the Tadalafil salt enters the body, it stays active for around 24 hours.

Now in this period whenever you are going to have sex, you will have a great experience which makes you forget that are you really suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The medicine was first invented and reached the rack in 2003 and Cialis was the name of that medicine. This medicine is also costly due to which many other medicines were rolled out which have the same salt and capability but are sold under another brand name.

You need to take tadalafil medicine at least an hour before sexual activity because the time that it takes to act in the body is a bit longer as compared to others.

The medicine is sold in various salt capabilities like 20 mg, 40 mg, and even 80 mg which is a very strong dose.

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Avanafil is a medicine that is only available in any generic form which makes this medicine a bit costly to consume.

All other activities of the medicine are like Sildenafil citrate salt with a difference in the only time it takes to stay active in the body.


Vardenafil is a generic salt that is available very easily but this medicine is very a bit inferior then all the other three medicines.

It takes much more time to become active in the body and also stay active for a smaller period. The medicine is available in 100, 150, and 200 mg dosages in the market with the help of a prescription.

What are other ED treatments?

Other ED treatments that are available in the world apart from medicines have been discussed below in detail-

  • The first and permanent solution that is provided by the physicians to ED patients is that you should first reach out to the reason why it is happening and later change the way you are living.
  • This will improve your situation slowly and you can have satisfactory sex one day but that one day takes a lot of time to come in time.
  • There are some penile pumps that are also available in the market which can be used to have satisfactory sex. It needs some skills to use in the right way.
  • The pump should be placed along the penis and then started.
  • It will help in pumping blood out in the penis which will provide harder erections.
  • Now after you are done with the pump, use a friction ring and place it beneath the penis. This will make the blood stay in the penis for longer and let you enjoy satisfactory sex.
  • There is an option of operation also available in the market for the issues of ED.
  • In this some inflatables are placed along the walls of the penis When you want to have sexual activity then you can inflate those implants and you will have a proper erection during sexual activity.
  • The inflatables are of great quality and will not react in any way to the body.


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